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the mushroom

10 of the best vintage Mushroom illustrations available for free download!

Tumbling toadstools! We love ourselves a good vintage mushroom illustration around these parts,…

Rita riding on the Dolphin 1911 Warwick Goble

7 of the best vintage fairy illustrations by Warwick Goble

Whimsical, magical, ethereal! These are just a few words that sprung to mind when I recently discovered the exquisite work of British illustrator Warwick Goble. I love that my work here gives me an excuse to spend hours going down internet rabbit holes so I can find you guys the most amazing images from the public domain!

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cropped Ladies Home Journal 1905 10

Free Halloween Illustrations from the Public Domain

Fall has officially started, which means I’m officially excited for all things Halloween!…

vintage easter egg boat greeting card public domain

12 Vintage Easter Greetings & Illustrations

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying the start of Spring. To usher in…


vintage bull terrier and dalmatian illustration public domain

26 Vintage Dog Illustrations in the Public Domain

Wow, so who likes dogs? You know I do. I just curated 26…

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vintage fairies fairyland illustration 1919 public domain

Vintage Fairy Illustrations in the Public Domain

I’ve been dying to curate a new collection of vintage fairy illustrations. In…

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great barrier reef anemones illustration public domain 760x1024 1

Public Domain Illustrations of the Great Barrier Reef

I spent my morning coffee time treasure hunting at, one of my…


vintage birthday image garden public domain

13 Vintage Birthday Images in the Public Domain

Brace yourselves. I went on a serious birthday card archiving binge today! I…


Perrier Water 1910 vintage ad 1

11 Vintage Advertisements: Food & Beverage

Yep, I’m still hungry after that chocolate post. On the menu today are…


vintage classic fudge

27 Vintage Chocolate Illustrations From 1909

27 FREE vintage chocolate illustrations in the public domain. Full-color chocolate candies, fudge, caramels, and more!

plates and flowers die cut

30+ Vintage Valentine's Day Images

The holiday season isn’t over yet! 2019 is just getting started with Valentine’s…

vintage landscape autumn

Vintage Landscapes in the Public Domain

The public domain is packed with brilliant landscapes! You have masterworks from the…

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winter animals reindeer calendar

15 Vintage Images of Winter Animals

Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday! Christmas may be over, but you can keep…

christmas illustration scroll

Christmas Illustration From the 19th to Early 20th-Century

Christmas is less than 40 days away! So I scoured my big box…


tree illustration spring

Tree Illustration From the Late 19th-Century

The leaves are starting to change here in upstate New York. That’s right,…