Anyone else here a bit of a selenophile, AKA someone just a little bit in love with the moon? A point of fascination for creators of music and art across the ages, there’s something mystical about that glowing globe in the sky. It’s spooky, is magical, it’s beautiful and it’s a symbol that artists have used and interpreted for hundreds (thousands!) of years in their art. And, I, a humble moon admirer and SO excited to bring you this collection of free vintage moon illustrations!

Use these for all your witchy graphic needs. Sourced from ancient books, vintage tarot cards and 19th century etchings, all these moon illustrations are now in the public domain and free to use however you wish!

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2 thoughts on “15+ stunning vintage Celestial illustrations for you to use!”

  1. There is a pic of a moon and stars and it reads Happy New Year at the bottom, I found it on yahoo search and it led me here, but I can’t find it..Just want to know if it is public domain so I can use it in a book.

    1. Elissa Capelle Vaughn

      Hi! Could you email me the URL you’re referring to or the image to If the URL is from this site, there’s a good chance the image just got lost during the current reorganization of my site. Please see my FAQ page and terms for any questions about the public domain.

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