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What Is the Public Domain?

The public domain are works belonging to the public and are not restricted by copyright. Works fall into the public domain after a certain period of time after the creation of the work and death of the creator. Works also fall into the public domain after copyrights expire. A creator can also put their work into the public domain, waiving their copyrights.

Are the Images on This Site from the Public Domain?

This site follows current US and international copyright rules (see terms for more). The images on this site are curated and edited from a collection of physical and digitized images in the public domain (produced before 1923.) The main header graphic and all written content are ©FreeVintageillustrations.com. Seeking further copyright expertise is highly recommended for commercial work as this website cannot provide guarantees.

Where Do Your Images Come From?

Public domain collections from libraries, digital collections, old book scans, vintage postcards, antique trading cards, vintage scrap paper, and vintage advertisements. I do my best to include original source links from libraries and databases.

Do I Need Permission to Use Your Images?

Nope! You’re free to download, use, modify, reproduce, and reference the images on this site without permission. A link or another form of credit would be really, really great!

How Many Images Can I Download?

You have unlimited use of the images on this site!

This Image Isn’t Big Enough. Can I Get a High-Res Version?

The images on FreeVintageillustrations.com are the only sizes provided at this time. To make sure you’re downloading the largest size available, you can open the image in a new window. Higher resolution versions of scans may be available in the future as the website grows. I do my best to include source links for images collected from libraries and databases that may have higher resolutions available. Please subscribe to stay updated on any changes in the future!

How Can I Credit Your Site?

You can attribute FreeVintageillustrations in a number of ways (i.e, film credits, social shares, social media mention, thank you page, etc.) But the easiest way is to provide a link back to this site or share on social media. These are also great ways to support the site. More traffic means more content!

How Can I Support FreeVintageillustrations.com?

Like the site? Want to help it grow? You can! The best thing you can do is share, share, share. Additional methods for support will be available in the future. But for now, sharing is caring!

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