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Public Domain Images

Out of Copyright Images

  • The images curated for this website were originally produced between the 19th and early 20th century. They’re curated from public domain archives, public libraries, and my own personal collection of antique books, postcards, trading cards, and other vintage materials. Most images are edited before they’re uploaded.
  • We have a large collection of images available in our Free Image Collection which we believe are no longer subject to copyright protection either because their copyright has expired (in most countries, including the countries of the EU, USA, and Canada (Approved Territories)) or the author of the image has allowed us to distribute the image with no license restrictions (Public Domain Images).
  • Because these images are not protected by copyright (in most countries) you can download and use these images without having to obtain consent from the original copyright owner, and where we are permitted to do so we grant you permission to use these images without copyright restriction.
  • These Public Domain Images are clearly labelled as ‘Free Public Domain CC0 Image’ and are available with the Creative Commons 0 license.
  • We have researched the history of these images and we are confident that in most countries and in particular the Approved Territories they can be copied, used and shared without any need to obtain further consent. However, they may still be in copyright in a small number of countries and/or other rights may exist, therefore it may be necessary for you to obtain consent for their use.

U.S Government Public Domain Images

  • Our Public Domain Image collection also includes images from the U.S. Government which we believe are free from copyright, these are available for you to use in accordance with the U.S. Government rules, these images are clearly labelled as ‘Free Public Domain U.S. Government Image’.

 Other restrictions with Public Domain Images

  • We do not hold any property or model releases for Public Domain images. Where we believe there might be other rights within an image that prevents it being suitable for commercial use we have labelled this as “Editorial use only”.
    • Whilst we have only selected Public Domain Images that we believe are suitable for the majority of people to use, and have used our judgement to label images only suitable for editorial use, it is your responsibility to check that your use of the image is lawful.
    • We give no warranties or assurances that your use of Public Domain Images will be lawful and if you are seeking to access and use any Public Domain Images you do so at your own risk. You should carry out independent checks to ascertain whether any proposed use of Public Domain Images is lawful in the countries in respect of which you anticipate using them, and obtain any necessary permissions or clearances. We are not liable for any claims or costs arising from such use.

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