50+ beautiful vintage jellyfish illustrations from history

Of all the creatures in the ocean, surely there’s none more alluring than the jellyfish. At first glance they seem almost too simple to even be classed as an animal. But, on closer inspection you’ll see layers of dreamy translucent colors and alien-like structures that are simple and strangely advanced all at once. Jellyfish have been studied, admired, and eaten for thousands of years, so of course we had to have a gallery of vintage jellyfish illustrations for you to download!

Most of the images you’ll find here are the work of 19th-century marine biologist (among many other things) Ernst Haeckel. Known as a man of science, his skill in illustration really put his name on the map and we have him to thank for many of the marine science illustrations and lithographs from that time. Have a flick through the gallery and see if you recognize any of the jellyfish here! There’s a huge variety, including the fabulously named Discomedusae.