20+ mesmerizing vintage Sting Ray, Eagle Ray and Manta Ray illustrations

Is there anything more sci-fi sleek than a manta ray gliding through turquoise waters? Members of the sting ray, eagle ray, and manta ray family are found all over the world and are part of the superorder Batoidea. Batoidea? Sounds like a good idea to me, and so of course i just HAD to dedicate a whole gallery to vintage illustrations of rays!

I tell you, if you’re ever looking for inspiration to write your next sci-fi novel or design a set for a movie involving aliens and spaceships, all you need to do is look down into the deep. The aerodynamic shape of a ray would be the perfect form to model a spaceship from. These fish are so otherworldly and almost mystical. And we know they can be dangerous but there’s also a very calming beauty about them.

All the images here have been sourced from various articles or old books in the public domain. We’ve tidied them up and isolated them for ease of use, so they’re ready for you to download them here for free and use as you wish!