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The New York Public Library


The Biodiversity Heritage Library

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Library of Congress


4 thoughts on “Resources”

  1. I have a vintage (1920’s) Delineator magazine- beautifully illustrated ads & articles. Would you be interested in receiving some page scans for this site (or other good purposes)? (If so, how might one proceed, please?…&/Or perhaps there’s a way/website by which one might get some payment in exchange for such?)

    1. Hi Lida! Delineator magazine illustrations are beautiful. You can email me directly at capelle.elissa (at) gmail . com to discuss it further. Thanks!

  2. I just stumbled across you while I was looking for some vintage images to tinker with and modify. what a great site. I was having a nosey at this page to see if I could find more sources for my own website. Thank you for the information!

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