Mice, Race Ferrets! Vintage Rodent Illustrations

Now when we think of beautiful illustrations, rodents aren’t exactly what springs to mind. Creepy, crawly and always sneaking around where they shouldn’t be, they’ve been portrayed as villains and other shady characters in literature and art. These are usually brown rats, black rats or woodrats, and they’ve been responsible for spreading disease to humans throughout history.

It’s not all ugly though! The rodent family is huge! And there are some cute-as-a-button members. Think of guinea pigs, harvest mice, gerbils, and hamsters. Did you know that beavers are rodents? Have a browse through our vintage rodent illustration gallery and you be the judge of who wins best dressed.

All these images have been sourced from old natural history books and other ephemera in the public domain, and you can download them here for free. Enjoy!