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Come on in!

I’m Elissa, the owner and curator of this site.

A little bit about myself (try to stay awake.)

I’ve always loved art and history, so I earned an art history degree in 2007. I’m a copywriter, but when I’m not doing that, you can find me fawning over my pets, making things, reading everything, sci-fi… you get the picture.

FreeVintageillustrations.com is where I post my adventures in the public domain and my personal collection of vintage media. It’s also a resource for students, teachers, writers, and anyone who needs creative inspiration and materials for their projects.

Have a look around, re-imagine what you see, learn something new, but most importantly, have fun!

To learn more about this site and how public domain works, check out the FAQ and terms page.

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  1. Hi, Elissa. I was looking for some vintage Easter illustrations and I came across your blog. Great illustrations! Thank you very much for making them available!

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