11 Vintage Advertisements: Food & Beverage

Yep, I’m still hungry after that chocolate post. On the menu today are vintage food and beverage advertisements in the public domain!

Aside from antique cookbooks, vintage advertisements are one of the best sources for free food and beverage illustrations.

The following advertisements are out-of-copyright and were produced before 1923 by such familiar brands as Wesson Oil, Jell-O, Del Monte, and Perrier. Enjoy!

Vintage Coconut Illustrations

Vintage advertisements for baking ingredients provide excellent food illustrations for creative projects and ideas. These ads were produced in 1919 and 1920 to promote Baker’s Coconut.

Here’s another for Wesson Oil, produced in 1920.

Savory Illustrations

Vintage advertisements for breakfast and meat foods are a fantastic public domain score. The first (above) is a 1901 ad for Ralston Foods and the second one was produced in 1919 for Armour Foods.

Sweet and Savory

Talk about hitting the motherlode. This 1922 vintage advertisement from Ralston foods features 15 illustrations of biscuits, muffins, pies, cakes, and more.

More Vintage Advertisements in the Public Domain

How about a big can of lard!

This 1919 advertisement from Armour also features a yummy chocolate cake illustration. The 1923 Del Monte ad is a great source for vintage fruit illustrations. And finally, the Perrier ad from 1910 has a lot of great illustrations to work with as well.

*The copyrights on this advertising artwork are expired and are now in the public domain. Additional research is recommended before using brand logos.

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