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vintage jello cookbook neapolitan jello dessert

Vintage Jello Cookbook Illustrations From the Early 20th-Century

Hey everyone! I’m back from a long hiatus and have some really cool…

ernst haeckel illustrations trochilidae hummingbird 1

13 Ernst Haeckel Illustrations in the Public Domain

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without curating any Ernst Haeckel…


nothern dhole dog 19th century

14 Canine Family Images: 19th-Century Dogs, Wolves, and Foxes

Love dogs? Me too! I came across a 19th-century book packed with canine…


vintage nature illustrations blue eggs

17 Copyright-Free Illustrations for Spring

Snowmageddon is keeping me holed up inside. As if I’m not a total winter…

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vintage aquarium illustrations 19th century

Unique Aquarium Illustrations from the 19th Century

I went on a vintage image hunt and found these colorful aquarium illustrations…


chocolate mousse dessert illustration early 20th century public domain

17 Chocolate Dessert Illustrations in the Public Domain

Happy Saturday! I have a serious sweet tooth post coming your way. It’s…

19th 20th century valentines day pictures vase flowers

25 Valentine's Day Pictures from the 19th-20th Century

Brace yourself. Valentine’s Day pictures are coming! But I have a confession to…

vintage bird nest clipart white birds

Bird Nest Clipart: 19th and Early 20th Century

Did I mention I’m drowning in vintage illustrations? I’ve been stocking up on…


mushroom illustrations public domain 19th century

Mushroom Illustrations from the 19th-20th Century

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I’ve been trying to curate a post…

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winter illustrations vintage christmas cards

Winter Illustrations from the 19th-20th Century

More snow, please! I’m so ready to cozy up with hot chocolate and…


public domain vintage birthday cards shoe flowers

Free Vintage Birthday Cards from the Public Domain

Do we have any fall birthdays? I noticed the birthday section is pretty…

free vintage christmas cards with kittens and birds

Free Vintage Christmas Cards in the Public Domain

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! I sure am. Someone just scored…


19th century glacier iceberg at sunset

6 Iceberg Illustrations from the 19th-Century

It’s getting colder and I can’t wait for snow! I’ve also been spending…


vintage pumpkin illustration public domain

Fall Illustrations: 19th Century Autumn Leaves and Scenery

Happy Sunday! I just got back from Thacher park, and yep, the fall…

vintage rhino color illustration

19th Century Illustrations of African Wildlife

It’s Saturday! And I’m ready to spend some much-need quality time in the…