Vintage Public Domain Illustrations of Frogs and Toads

I was reminded the other day that Beatrix Potter’s artworks became part of the public domain back in December.  Immediately, I thought of Mr. Toad from Potter’s classic “The Wind in The Willows” and started searching for some of my favorite prints.  While curating, a flood of creative projects came to mind too, especially mixed-media projects like dioramas and outdoor patio decor.  Look for even more tips and ideas that you can do with vintage frog prints at the end of this post!

DIY Projects You Can Do With Public Domain Frog Illustrations

Looking for some outdoor decor inspiration or quick ideas for unique school supplies?  Bookmark this quick yet super creative list of ideas for frog & toad-related crafts.

  1. Choose your favorite images from the gallery above, and assemble a cool collage on the surface of an old coffee table, nightstand or patio table.  After gluing to the surface and allowing to dry, cover your collage with a sheet of glass to create a brand new vintage frog inspired table!
  2. Create your own DIY school supplies for your kids.  To create brand new notebooks:  Gather any unused lined paper from the previous school year, place them in 1 inch binders with clear plastic image slots, and add your favorite vintage frog images to create totally unique school supplies.
  3. You can also decoupage your favorite frog and toad images to old pencil cups, pencil and markers boxes, spiral notebooks, create DIY textbook covers, and even decorate magnetic locker storage accessories.

Whether you’re looking for other vintage amphomorphic animal characters or more scientific frog illustrations of the antique kind, we have thousands of images to search through.

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