Public Domain Vintage Illustrations of Moons and Stars

Celestial themed crafts and decor appeals to a wide range of ages!  I always loved decorating my room with glow in the dark stars, planets, and more outer space related stuff.

The following free vintage celestial illustrations make a nice decor touch for both kids and teens alike.  Plus they’re also great for scrapbooking, dioramas, holiday ornaments, decoupage projects, and many more creative ideas.

Quick & Easy Celestial Craft Ideas

There are so many creative projects you can do with public domain illustrations and vintage postcards of moon and stars.  Try these ideas out in your classroom, art studio, or at home!

  • outer space dioramas
  • laminated place mats
  • celestial themed holiday ornaments (personal favorite!)
  • Print your favorite images above on adhesive paper to create quick and easy stickers
  • Laminated illustrations for space-themed jewelry
  • Print out large versions and frame theme for easy DIY decor
  • Make new classroom posters
  • Create props for school plays

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