Free Vintage Illustrations of Chocolate, Cakes, More Desserts & Baking.

Who has a crafty sweet tooth these days?  I most certainly do, so I thought a fun sweets n’ treats themed post would be a good way to start Monday off.  Luckily I have the day off from work, leaving even more time to create a few more posts for the queue.  Look out for more posts on free vintage images of houses and buildings, Fourth of July, and more summer themes.

In the mean time, this curated collection of vintage images are great for Valentines Day of course, but they’re also handy for making crafts for Grandma, role play toys, Mother’s Day cards, anniversary bouquet decorations, and more creative projects.

Create Your Own Plush Play Food With Vintage Illustrations!

Did you know that you can use these free vintage images to create your own plush play food?  Yep!  Create a screen print, or make a print-out on fabric, of your favorite dessert images above.  Use fabric paints to make your soon-to-be plush desserts really stand out.  You can find quality fabric painting kits at any local or major craft store, plus you will also need poly-fiber-fil for the stuffing, embroidery thread and needles for sewing, and a sturdy cotton sheet.  Even a used white pillowcase will work!

  • Closely follow the instructions for your chosen screen/fabric printing and painting kit to create your image
  • After washing your fabric, and making sure the image is permanent and won’t bleed, create a dotted outline around your image (on the back using a fabric crayon.)  Make sure the dotted line is at least an inch away from the picture.
  • Match up your fabric with another plain sheet so you can make two sides before cutting.
  • Once you have your fabric cut-outs, turn the image side facing in before you stitch.
  • Double up on your thread, and use a simple yet sturdy back-stitch to create your toy.
  • Make sure to leave enough room to add your stuffing.
  • Turn your toy inside out so the image is facing out again.  Just add your stuffing, stitch up the gap, and voila; you just made original plush toys using cool vintage images!

*Copyright information for the commercial use of vintage jell-o ads are unknown.  For the purposes of this post, the above vintage jell-o ads are for personal craft use only.

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