Free Vintage Illustrations of Apples, Orchards, Pies, & More Apple Related Items

Vintage illustrations of apples, orchards and apple desserts can inspire a wave of warm and fuzzy inspired craft projects.  I carefully curated the following selection of vintage fruit images from a variety of my favorite image databases and vintage blogs online.  Apple motifs are perfect for spring and summer party invitations, coasters, decoupaging coffee tables and dressers, postcards, and many more charming projects.  The following vintage images are free for personal use and even some for commercial use too!

Create apple inspired ornaments for Christmas, rustic tabletop designs, summer cabin decor, and even screen prints for napkins.

Quick & Easy Apple Cards For Teachers!

Apple themed gives are perfect for teachers on the first day of school, National Teachers Day, and new teaching credential graduates.  The above images are free for personal craft projects and can inspire a variety of different greeting card styles, from super funky to classy and sophisticated.

  • Simply choose and print out your favorite vintage apple illustrations on thicker, high-quality paper.
  • On the back of your printed image, use the following apple shaped stencil to draw the shape for your greeting card
  • To make a folding card, trace an additional apple shape directly next to the other and make sure the sides are touching.  Or you can just adjust the sizing of the stencil below.


  • Position your stencil on the back of your printed card-stock and begin to trace.  I personally like the look of cut-off illustrations or illustrations that continue on both sides.
  • Once you’ve cut out your greeting card, add a few splashes of decorations, like simple and fine iridescent glitter and colorful outlines.  If you’re using an apple tree or orchard illustrations, paint the apples in bright red to make them stand out.
  • If you want to give your apple greeting card a little shine, add a thin layer of Modge Podge glossy varnish with just a hint of super fine iridescent glitter.

* The Copyright information for the vintage labels in this post are unknown.  Please investigate copyright information further before using in your commercial works. 

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