Free Vintage Illustrations of Bees & Honey

Well, San Francisco seems to be back to its traditional gloomy summers this year, but there have definitely been some sunny days sprinkled in here and there.  Seasons inspire so many creative ideas, and there are tons of public domain and vintage-inspired illustrations to match.

I’ve had that spring classic “bees & honey” combo on my brain lately, so I decided to beat the fog down and comb through the web to curate another spring-themed post.  Bees & honey are charming themes for baby showers, summer birthday cards, gardening themed crafts, and more.  These vintage bee illustrations really stood out to me, plus I also threw in some modern yet retro-inspired ones in there too.  Enjoy!

Easy Decorative Ideas For Your House Plants

Free vintage images of bees and honey set the stage for some serious garden-inspired crafts.  I used to make fun, crafty decor for my grandmother’s potted plants all the time.  Plus it’s a creative yet subtle way dress up your home for a special occasion without going too gaudy.  AND they’re super easy to make!

  • You’ll need the following:  Long wooden picks for kabobs, access to a color printer, colored card stock, glitter glue (and other decorative supplies of your choice) and varnish
  • Simply print out your favorite images above and carefully cut them out.
  • Paste your cut-outs onto the colored card stock of your choice.  This will create a stronger backing for your image.
  • I suggest using quality serrated crafts scissors to create a unique pattern on the edges of your cut-out.  Regular sharpened scissors work fine too.  Quick tip: use serrated scissors to create a cool postage stamp-like pattern for your cut-outs!
  • Once your mounted cut-outs are ready, use a glue gun to fasten them to your kabob sticks.  Add two or even three cut-outs to create some real elaborate plant decor.
  • Don’t forget to add some of your favorite decorative elements, like hints of glitter, nail polish, and crayon
  • The last thing you have to do is varnish your work to protect it better from damage.  I prefer use both a spray sealer and glossy Modge Podge Varnish.  Crackling varnish with a touch of food coloring or nail polish looks great too!

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