Free Vintage Illustrations of Milk, Cheese, and Dairy Related Products

I was inspired to write and curate this post after remembering an old episode of Iron Chef America.  It was the Milk & Honey episode, and I still remember those chef tables overflowing with milk, cheese, cream, and other delicious dairy products.  I did away with the honey part (leaving that for an upcoming Bees & Honey Post) and focused on finding a unique variety of retro illustrations, milk ads, and even vintage bottle cap designs.

Create a Collage For the Kitchen!

Free vintage illustrations present a great opportunity to create fresh kitchen decor at no charge.  For this latest quick craft, all you need is a color printer, a plain wood plaque (or any plain wood square that’s roughly the size of a piece of lined paper), glue, scissors, modge podge, ribbon, nails, and any optional decorations like fine glitter, yarn, or sequins.

  • Cut out as many of the above images as you want and arrange a collage on your wood surface.  I prefer to use a thinner glue when pasting images; decoupage craft glue, YES paste, and moistened glue sticks work the best.
  • Once your collage has dried, turn it over and create a loop using a small piece of ribbon and a couple small nails; thumbtacks and staple guns work too.
  • The best part is making your collage super sleek and shiny!  Bust out your trusty Modge Podge to create a classic glossy college surface.
  • While the surface is still wet, consider adding a few subtle elements, like a dash of fine glitter or crayon shavings.  Then after the Modge Podge completely hardens, add a cute, simple painted border around the edges of your plaque.
  • And voila!  Your charming little kitchen plaque is done.  This also a gift that your grandma or foodie friend will love.

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