Free Birthday Clipart and Vintage Illustrations

I’m over buying expensive greetings cards.  Plus it’s much more fun to make your own anyway, even as a adult.  I wanted to find some fun, colorful and unique images for this post to inspire some real memorable birthday greetings.  These images are great for creating everything from traditional, sophisticated to super funky cards.  As always, I included some free craft ideas at the end of this post!


 Make Your Own DIY Birthday Decor with Vintage Greeting Cards

I wanted to choose a diverse collection of images to suit all kids of Birthday party tastes.  With vintage images, you can make a full set of party decor, ranging from placemats to even paper cups!

Consider these easy DIY decor ideas for that next shin-dig.

  • Quickly create your own set of vintage-style paper plates, napkins, and cups using online printing services like Totally Promotional, CafePress or VistaPrint.
  • However you can always take the super cheap (yet more crafty) route.  Just print out your chosen images on thin white paper, cut them out, and use thin non-toxic glue to decoupage your images right onto your paper cup.  This could also be a fun party activity too!
  • Create your own party placemats by printing out your images on doily style paper, or simply cut and paste your favorite images on colorful construction paper.
  • Another quick trick for making Birthday party placements is to create a colorful vintage collage and make several color copies.
  • There’s so much you can do with paper cut-outs.  Birthday party banners instantly come to mind.  Find a common theme you like in the images above and cut-out your favorite birthday illustrations or objects, like flowers, cake, birds, or animals.  Use a simple hole punch to create holes on top of your images, at least half an inch deep.  Then use colorful yarn to thread your banner together.

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