Free Vintage Father’s Day Images & Greeting Cards

Wow, Mother’s Day is over and Father’s Day is just a few weeks away!  Public domain vintage images and retro greetings make perfect homemade gifts for moms and dads.  That’s why I carefully searched the web and curated this collection of warm and fuzzy Father’s Day themed illustrations for that next vintage-style craft idea.  Vintage printables are always perfect for decoupaging, plus they can be easily transformed into Christmas ornaments, paper garland, screen prints for paper lanterns, tie-shaped father’s day cards, table name cards, and more creative decorations and presents.


Gifts You Can Make Your Dad With FREE Vintage Illustrations

  • The classic tie-shaped greeting card:  Simply blow up one of your favorite images above and print it out on thick greeting card-quality paper.  On the back of your paper, sketch or trace out a simple tie shape and cut it out.  This makes for a super quick and easy Father’s Day Card!


  • Father’s Day Paperweight:  Stumped on what to get your Dad?  Creative office knick-knacks are always a good idea, plus your dad will love the fact that you made it yourself.  To really save money, I suggest going to a building resources center that carries plain polished glass.  Try Finding a round one with a flat bottom, then decoupage one of your favorite images above, face up, on the bottom of the smooth polish glass.  You can also try this with small glass jars without labels or even those retro glass paperweights with those floating flowers.


  • Sophisticated handkerchief Set:  A simple yet sophisticated way to honor Father’s Day is through timeless gifts like screenprinted handkerchiefs or towels.  Choose a few of your favorite vintage father’s day images above and create a screen print at your local printing or fabric craft shop.  One screen-print can make a variety of the same image too, leaving a series of cool images behind that vary in brightness, contrast, etc.
  • Retro Coaster Set:  Coaster sets are another good go-to Father’s Day craft.  Dad likes his morning coffee, and a festive Father’s Day coaster set may be just the thing he needs this year.  This is also a fun decoupage activity too.  Purchase or reuse a set of simple wood coasters.  Scrape and sand off any previous images or decoration, leaving a smooth surface for you to decoupage any of the images above.  Choose your favorites or even create mini collages on your coasters.  Once dried, varnish the surface and apply a water sealer.


I curated this post using a variety of vintage images databases featured in the sidebar.


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