Free Vintage Illustrations For Mother’s Day

Who doesn’t love Mother’s Day. Whoo hoo!  Time for a fresh new batch of quick craft ideas, which definitely comes in handy when you’re having that ‘last-minute gifter’ moment.  All of these free vintage illustrations can be quickly printed out to make beautiful handcrafted greeting cards, small gift tags, centerpiece decor, paper banners, and stylish e-greetings.

Dress Up Your Mother’s Day Bouquet With Free Vintage Illustrations!

The above illustrations make quick yet beautiful print-outs for Mother’s Day gifts.  I carefully curated the above collection from a variety of databases and online articles.  These vintage greeting cards and illustrations stood out for their color palettes and unique illustrations.  There’s perfect for paper crafting!  And super fun and EASY craft you can do with these images is to make cool decorations for your traditional Mother’s Day flowers.

Sure, you could go out and buy fancy bouquets with decorations, but why not make your own which your mother is sure to love even more?  For this craft idea, you will need long wooden kabob picks.  You can find these for a few bucks at Walgreens or your local convenience store if you don’t already have them at home.  Other than that, this is free to super low-cost craft, plus a great opportunity to use up some of those leftover sequins, puff balls, glitter, pipe cleaners, stickers, and other craft supplies.

  • Quick Tip:  Choose vintage images that correspond well with the natural colors in your bouquet.  For example, the light turquoise and yellow ribbon greeting card featured above would pair beautifully with a bouquet of pink and red roses since those colors are complementary.  
  • To Make your plant decorations, print out your chosen images above and print them out on thick, high-quality paper.  Consider using glossy paper for this one too!
  • Using scissors or an x-acto knife, preciously cut-out your illustrations.  If your paper doesn’t feel sturdy enough, create some backing with a piece of cardboard.
  • These images look creative and interesting on their own, but they’re also a lot of fun to dress up with craft supplies.  Try outlining your images with thin lines of metallic paint and adding small hints of fine glitter to give them an extra-whimsical look.  Vintage greeting cards also look fabulous with charming fabric accents, like ribbon, lace, silk, ad bows.
  • Once your decorations have dried, glue your decorations onto a long kabob stick.  I recommend busting out the glue gun for this one.  Add 2 to 4 of these whimsical DIY decorations to make your Mother’s Day gift a little more unique and personal.

Trust me, Moms love homemade stuff 😉

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