Free Vintage Thanksgiving Illustrations for all Your Festive Projects!

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, so here I am continuing the next wave of Thanksgiving themed posts! This time, I come armed with more antique free vintage Thanksgiving greetings, postcards, and book illustrations. These make great materials for Thanksgiving decoupage projects, napkin fabric prints, coasters, greeting cards, Zazzle projects, and placemats. Find more DIY Thanksgiving craft ideas below the gallery!

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

With Thanksgiving on the brain, more and more ideas keep popping into my head. These are ideas that I’ve either tried before or would really like to but just can’t find the time (a.k.a I’m lazy.) These are all creative ways to incorporate free vintage illustrations into your crafts. Simply print out your favorite Thanksgiving images above to start working on these projects. Please try these at home!

  1. Autumn floral bouquet inserts
  2. Laminated Thanksgiving Placemats for the kids
  3. Laminated Thanksgiving Placemats WITH dry-erase marker activities
  4. Framed fabric prints for the kitchen
  5. Decoupage a wooden box for a floral centerpiece
  6. Create a Thanksgiving coloring book for the kids
  7. Print out images on skrinky-dinks vellum to create unique Thanksgiving jewelry
  8. Create your own Thanksgiving themed gift wrap
  9. Create a classic framed print for house decoration
  10. Print out and decorate Thanksgiving greeting cards
  11. Invites for your Thanksgiving party

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