FREE Antique Advertisement Illustration of Neapolitan Ice Cream and Coffee.

A free vintage illustration of neopolitan ice cream and coffee from an antique advertisement

Ice Cream for Breakafast

Ice cream for breakfast? I’m totally down. Vintage illustrations like this one were created by print advertising agencies to market to ice cream brands and distributors in the 1920s. I never thought of pouring coffee onto a Neapolitan ice cream bar but it sounds delicious! I like putting a scoop of cold stone creamery on top of my iced coffee once in a while.

So I did some research and learned all about the Italian tradition of Affogato al caffe. Affogato al caffe means to drown or submerge in coffee. Simply add a scoop of ice cream, typically vanilla, to coffee or a shot of espresso for a yummy dessert. This makes a wonderful alternative to coffee and cake after a big meal. Try this sweet and simple Affogato al Caffe recipe at home!

This is a free vintage illustration of an ice cream slice from an early ice cream trade journal. This antique illustration of ice cream may be used for free in personal and commercial work without permission. Please link back to this site if you’re sharing this image online.

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