Shorebird and Seabird

Now here’s a salty bunch’o’birds if I ever did see them. Seabirds (and those that like to wade at the water’s edge) are one of the hardiest brands of bird around. Battling harsh conditions like saltwater and fierce winds, building nests in the most unlikely of places, you often feel like telling them that life might be easier if they just go round the other side of the hill.

This gallery of vintage shorebird and seabird illustrations includes everyone in the family! From common seagulls to terns, guillemots, pelicans, gannets and cormorants. These images have been sourced mainly from old encyclopedias, wildlife, and ornithology books, and they’re all in the public domain, so you can download them for free and use them however you like!

80+ Vintage seabird and shorebird illustrations all copyright free

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