Magical moths! 30+ vintage lepidoptera llustrations for you to download free

Moths are often overlooked and outshone by their flashier counterparts, butterflies. Rather than being enchanted by them, their haphazard fluttering and drab colors can be off-putting. BUT, you know what? I think we need to give them a chance. Looking at this gallery of vintage moth illustrations, we can see how magical moths can actually be! Yes, the moths that you get flitting around after dark are on the dull side, but did you know that there are daytime moths too? And these ones share some of the same brilliant colors as butterflies – in fact unless you looked closely at the way they fly and sit, you might not be able to tell the difference. They come in a huge range of sizes, from the giant Hercules Moth (a 36cm wingspan? Now that’s one very hungry caterpillar), right down to the tiny pigmy sorrel moth.

All of these images have been sourced from old butterfly and moth books, or Lepidoptera journals if we want to get official about it. They’re all in the public domain so feel free to download them and use them however you like.