Vintage cactus and succulent illustrations - weird and wonderful!

Weird and wonderful, cacti and succulents are that group of alien-like plants that look like they shouldn’t exist and yet somehow do. They come in all shapes, sizes, and textures, from short and squat like the powder puff cactus, to sometimes monstrously huge, with paddle-like appendages like the prickly pear! They make curious and beautiful additions to the homes and gardens of us that love a bit of green without wanting to expend the effort required to keep a garden alive. And the flowers! Bursting forth from their unlikely spiky terrain, they come in acid-bright colors like hot pink and electric yellow.

So of course we had to create a gallery just for our vintage cactus and succulent illustrations! All sourced from old books or horticultural publications, these images are free to download and use as you wish. Oh, how we love copyright-free material!