Public Domain Spotlight: David Cory’s Children’s Stories PLUS Free Vintage Color Illustrations

I stumbled upon David’s Cory’s colorful 1920s children’s books while researching new vintage content.  He’s penned such imaginative works as The Magic Soap Bubble, The Jumble Book, Billy Bunny and Daddy Fox, and The Little Jack Rabbit.  All of which are represented in the vintage illustration gallery below!

Cory was producing these stories around 1920 and were illustrated by such artists as M. L Kirk, S. Aspell, E.J Babock, Hugh Spencer, E.I Jones, P.H Webb, and H.S Barbour.  These stories and vintage color illustrations are all in the Public Domain.  Share these antique book illustrations online, add them to your blog, create unique room decorations, school supply designs, or re-imagine these works for video game plots, storytelling games, screenplays, arts and crafts, and many more creative projects.

More Creative Ideas

Stories and illustrations in the public domain hold a wealth of possibilities for creative projects.  Along with the aforementioned ideas above, these vintage illustrations from classic illustrators make excellent materials for decoupage, Christmas ornaments, antique style collages, digital art, and inspiration for fine art paintings.  Try cutting out the characters to create classic or digital stop-motion animations, miniature theater sets, shadow box art, and dioramas.

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