I collect, edit, and curate my images from out-of-copyright publications in the public domain, plus, antique illustrations, postcards, and advertisements from my own personal collection.

For more materials and creative inspiration, check out the following resources.

* Please Note: Site owners may have additional restrictions on image use. Please read each site’s terms of service before using their images.

Old Design Shop

Vintage Printable

The Public Domain Treasure Hunter


Antique Images

Free Vintage Art

Old Book Art

The British Library’s Public Domain Works

Public Domain Review


The New York Public Library


Wikimedia Commons

The Biodiversity Heritage Library


4 thoughts on “Resources

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  2. I have a vintage (1920’s) Delineator magazine- beautifully illustrated ads & articles. Would you be interested in receiving some page scans for this site (or other good purposes)? (If so, how might one proceed, please?…&/Or perhaps there’s a way/website by which one might get some payment in exchange for such?)


  3. I just stumbled across you while I was looking for some vintage images to tinker with and modify. what a great site. I was having a nosey at this page to see if I could find more sources for my own website. Thank you for the information!


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