Palm Tree

Now, if a gallery full of the MOST amazing vintage palm tree illustrations doesn’t get you pining for far-off places with crystal clear warm waters, then I don’t know what will. I have long had a love affair with palm trees. I grew up in a city, which yes, has some amazing coastline, but palm trees and tropical climates were not part of my everyday. So for me, palm trees have always symbolized freedom, warmth, and vitality. No rat-race or woolen socks to be seen.

Many of the illustrations below are chromolithographs (an early method of color printing) by botanists and explorers such as  Karl Friedrich Philipp von Martius and Charles Antoine Lemaire. Yes, I’m sure there were many months at sea stuck on ships with smelly, scurvey-ed men, and there would have been many morally questionable activities going on when they would “visit” new (to them) islands. But what a job. To travel the world finding new plants and places and then, paint what they found so they could share their findings in their home countries? There are far worse ways to spend a life.

I hope you love these illustrations of cycads, travellers palms, and coconut trees! They’re all free to download and use as you wish. We’ll definitely keep adding to this one as we find more images, so sign up to the mailing list to stay tuned!

60+ of the best vintage palm tree illustrations!

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