Butterflies, bugs, beetles and bees! How gorgeous are these vintage insect illustrations that we’ve unearthed from the public domain? Creepy crawlies have long been a point of fascination for humans, their alien-like appearances and behaviors both alluring and disturbing at the same time. Hairy, metallic, squishy and silky, camouflaged, vibrant, opalescent and translucent! Insects have challenged natural history illustrators to capture their color, texture and shape.

As you can see here though, they’ve done a fabulous job. My favorites are the scientific butterfly charts – these are all ready to print! These would make a beautiful addition to a bedroom, or imagine them as inspo for a tattoo. If you like your bugs a little more hardcore, you can’t go past the stag beetle chart.

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Beautiful bugs! Vintage insect illustrations that will blow your mind.

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