Is there anything more magical than a hummingbird? They’re symbols of good luck, playfulness and joy – not things you want to pass up. This gallery of our vintage hummingbird illustrations is simply delightful. They’re here in every color of the rainbow, shimmering in green, blue, purple, red and orange. Most of the images you see here are illustrations of hovering hummingbirds, shown next to their flower or food source of choice!

Some of the vintage pictures here show the hummingbirds perched on plants, and most of them show a family group or a pair of hummingbirds, so we can see the difference in how the males and females look. We’ve included drawings and lithographs by some of the most well known natural history illustrators like John Gould, Elizabeth Gould and Georges Cuvier.

Vintage Hummingbird Illustrations in the Public Domain

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