Animal Character

There’s nothing more fantastical than animals that can walk and talk just like us, and one constant in myths, stories and art throughout history is the presence of anthropomorphic animals. It’s a bizarre but proven human tendency. We just love giving animals, objects spiritual guides, nations and even the weather, human attributes. I suppose it gives us a level of comfort, seeing ourselves within something that we can never fully understand. And that comfort forges a path for connection. So, let’s celebrate all animals walking and talking with this extensive gallery of vintage animal characters!

Most of these illustrations are sourced from vintage children’s books. There’s no doubt you’ll see some familiar (furry) faces from popular fables and fairytales. We’ll be adding to this gallery as we source more treasures from the public domain, so make sure you join our mailing list to keep updated.

150+ amazing Vintage Animal Character Illustrations in the Public Domain

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