The Golden Age of Illustration: Art Deco in the public domain

If you’re here, I’m guessing Art Deco isn’t new to you. We’ve pulled the best of free Art Deco illustration into one easy-to-navigate category. You’ll find:

  • Art Deco travel posters
  • Vintage Art Deco advertisements
  • Art Deco fairies, mermaids, and more


If you are new to Art Deco then prepare to feast your eyes! The Art Deco period followed on from the Art Nouveau period, so there was some crossover. Art Deco, however, was less about organic curves and natural forms, and more geometric and symmetrical, to match a more mechanized world. That said, there was a certain opulent simplicity that Art Deco illustration conveyed.

We hope you love this full gallery of Art Deco illustration! We’ll be adding to it as we unearth more treasure from the public domain. And don’t forget, everything you see here is in the public domain, so you can download it completely free, and use it in your personal and commercial projects.