Free Vintage Scientific Illustrations from 1883 Antique Science Journal

Every year, I see more and more homemade gifts and Christmas decor made from vintage scientific illustrations. Antique sketches of microscopes, fossils, canyons, and minerals are great for a wide range of gifts, like greeting cards, ornaments, fine art collages, wall art, book covers, printed fabric, and homemade books.

I went to one of my favorite public domain archives to search for more amazing vintage scientific illustrations to share. I came across a science journal from 1883 (American Association for the Advancement of Science) and it was jam-packed with intriguing engineering sketches of the time and beautiful nature drawings. I was particularly drawn the hot air balloon illustrations and trilobites! These 19th century illustrations give us a unique look into the ideas and inventions of the time. These prints are exciting because they were published less than 20 years before the start of the great industrial revolution.

Craft Ideas for Scientific Illustrations

Vintage scientific illustrations can be used in a variety of creative ways, making them an ideal crafting material for birthdays, holidays, and interior decorating. Furthermore, they’re appropriate for a wide range of ages and interests. Perfect for med school birthdays, science geek gifts, and Etsy products, these public domain science illustrations go a long way. To stay inspired, copy and share this list of craft ideas to start making cool geek inspired gifts today!

  • Create your own science-themed printed playing cards
  • Make cool greeting cards for Halloween
  • Make a popular science-themed t shirts
  • Science themed birthday cards
  • Disposable paper placemats
  • DIY Journal Covers
  • Digital Collages
  • Printed Couch Pillows
  • Earrings and resin pendants
  • Glass paperweights
  • Geeky Christmas tree ornaments

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