Free Vintage Images Of Pink Roses

Pink Rose Greeting 2Pink Rose Greeting 1

These beautiful pink rose vintage birthday greetings can be used for a wide variety of crafts.  Particularly Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day Greetings!  Decoupage is the best way to go here. Check out the following ideas and craft instructions below to get inspired.

  • Using an x-acto knife, create a precise cut-out of the images above, or any other free vintage images that jump out at you on this site.
  • Arrange your cut-outs into a lovely composition on either a small wooden coffee table or stool, plaque, container, or a plain wooden jewelry box.  You can find a lot of different plain wooden objects at major craft stores like Michael’s or other art supply stores.
  • Don’t forget to let your imagination run wild!  Your Mother’s Day decoupage composition could be everything from a sweet floral border to a bold and colorful collage of vintage wildflowers.
  • The best glue for decoupage projects is either YES paste or thinned down craft glue.  Decoupage-specific glues are ideal too, but I prefer working with YES paste.  It has a much thicker consistency than other craft glues, yet it’s quite “buttery” and smooth.  I actually find it’s easier to smooth out air pockets, but you can thin it down easily with a moistened paintbrush.  Just my two cents here 😉
  • Once you’ve pasted your vintage cut-outs onto the surface of whatever object you’re working with, you’ll need to varnish your project after it has dried.
  • I prefer Mod Podge varnish, the glossy kind.  I’ve been working with it for years.  Other varnishes probably work fine, but I know Modge Podge and many crafters and artists prefer it as well.
  • Decoupage is quick, easy, and produces fabulous results for such little work.  With that being said, take some risks with your decoupaged gift.  Try spicing up your vintage mother’s day crafts with fine glitter, dried flowers, and even colored sand!

This post’s image is in the public domain and is free to use for both personal use and commercial work.

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