Free Vintage Illustrations of Ducks and Ducklings

I recently took a part-time job at a fabric and craft store.  Now I’m surrounded by even more inspiration for creative projects and this site.  There are bolts of  fabric prints that feature classic vintage illustrations in the public domain, plus racks of boxes, journals, and specialty craft paper printed with antique art.  And after coming across a duck-inspired craft kit for kids, I’ve had duckies on the brain.  Ducks and ducklings are great crafting subjects too for Christmas decor, Nature themed collages, baby room decor, DIY greeting cards, and many more creative projects.

This latest gallery is curated from a variety of vintage children’s books and scientific illustrations. ┬áResearching and sharing images in the public domain is super fun if you love history too. Many of these images were produced by renown illustrators like Arthur Rackham and writer/illustrator Beatrix Potter!

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