Free Public Domain Illustrations from a Vintage Children’s Cookbook (1905)

I had been on the hunt for a good vintage children’s cookbook to find more playful pictures of baking, food, and family.  I came across this children’s ‘First’ cookbook from 1905 published by an American flour company.  The following book illustrations are now out of copyright and would be useful for a variety of different personal and commercial projects, like Etsy products, greeting cards, blog images and social media content, decoupage, vintage kitchen decor, and DIY stationery.

Crafting with Vintage Cookbooks for Kids!

These charming illustrations inspire lots of ideas for culinary-themed crafting.  Here are a few more to consider.

  • Assemble these images to make your own custom gift wrap pattern online.
  • Make your own canvas prints online to turn these images into kitchen and breakfast nook decor
  • Create your own decoupage coaster set
  • Print out and laminate to create cute place mats for the kids at brunch

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