Ernst Haeckel Sea Anemone Illustrations

Free public domain Ernst Haeckel Actiniae Sea Anemone illustrations from the late 19th-century.

Ernst Haeckel Actiniae Sea Anemone

Enjoy this free Ernst Haeckel sea anemone illustration from the popular public domain work, ‘Art Forms in Nature’, published at the turn of the century. Featuring more than 100 vintage prints of flora and fauna from the 19th-century. This vintage sea life illustration and many more helped mainstream evolutionary biology in Europe.

love this antique sea anemone illustration? Here are a few fascinating facts about your favorite Anthozoa:

    Sea anemones are named after anemone flowers, a colorful flowering terrestrial plant.
    Their closest relatives are jellyfish and coral.
    There are over 1,000 different sea anemone species on the planet.
    They sustain by attaching themselves to rocks and reefs, effectively turning themselves into a food trap with the help of their poisonous tentacles.