Ernst Haeckel Batrachia Amphibian Illustration

Free public domain Ernst Haeckel Batrachia amphibian illustration from the late 19th-century.

Ernst Haeckel Batrachia Amphibians

One of the most unique scientific illustrations from Haeckel’s Art Forms in Nature. This particular Ernst Haeckel Batrachia illustration features several amphibian species. This print is one of over 100 illustrations produced for the collection. Art Forms in Nature is one of the most recognized works in the public domain today and helped mainstream the idea of evolutionary biology to Europe at the turn of the century.

Fascinated by this vintage amphibian illustration? Check out these interesting amphibian facts!

    There are approximately 6,000 different species of amphibians.
    Extinct amphibian species were much larger in the Paleozoic Era.
    Amphibians have to live by water. Since they lay their eggs in water and have permeable skin, they need a constant water supply.
    Today’s amphibians evolved from lobe-finned fish from the Devonian era.