Ernst Haeckel Filicinae Fern Illustration

Free Ernst Haeckel Filicinae Fern illustration published in the late 19th-century. One of the most popular vintage scientific illustrations.

Filicinae Fern Illustration

Enjoy this free Ernst Haeckel filicinae illustration from his collection of over 100 scientific illustrations from the late 19th-century. This particular illustration represents a filicinae study of multiple ferns. This illustration, along with Haeckel’s Art Forms in Nature, helped mainstream the idea of Darwinism and evolution to Europe.

Here are a few more facts about Ferns:

    The evolution of ferns can be traced back to the Devonian Era, approximately 360 million years ago!
    The modern fern plants of today, like the houseplants in your home, evolved from ferns in the late Cretaceous era, approximately 40 to 50 million years ago.
    Ferns pre-date the first flowering plants on Earth.
    In facts, fossils reveal that giant ferns and palms were the only plants in existence for several million years!