Ernst Haeckel Chelonia Sea Turtle Illustration

Free Ernst Haeckel Chelonia Sea turtle illustration from the late 19th-century public domain

Ernst Haeckel Chelonia Sea Turtle

Enjoy this free vintage scientific Ernst Haeckel Chelonia illustration from Art Forms in Nature, published in the late 19th-century. This famous public domain work helped introduce and mainstream evolutionary biology and Darwinism to Europe. This vintage sea turtle illustration is one of over 100 vintage prints depicting everything from algae to Jellyfish.

Here are a few facts about sea turtles, which belong to the Chelonia genus, that you may not know:

    The Green Sea Turtle is the only member of the Chelonia genus.
    There are two kinds of green sea turtles; the Atlantic green sea turtles and the Eastern Pacific green sea turtle.
    Green sea turtles can weigh up to 700 pounds, making them one of the largest turtle species in the world!
    Green sea turtles are herbivores in adulthood but consume invertebrates, like crabs and jellyfish, when they’re younger.