More FREE Vintage Victorian Birthday Illustrations for DIY Cards and Decor

September is a pretty big month for birthdays, so why not create whimsical birthday greeting and decor from birthday illustrations in the public domain. There are a lot of great vintage inspired birthday ideas and antique style crafts projects to draw inspiration from too!  Decoupaging Edwardian birthday illustrations on mason jars, old antique night stands, and discarded coffee tables is a creative way to dress up a vintage birthday party for less.  Plus you make charming little name cards, gift tags, screen prints, party invites, wall art, and printed party favor bags with these old fashioned birthday images.

Throwing a Birthday party for a history buff?  Creating unique birthday cards from antique cards in the public domain is a cool way to make the perfect card for someone who loves reading about and watching documentaries about history.  Use these for your commercial projects too, like vintage inspired keepsake boxes and antique style napkins and stationery.


FREE Public Domain Vintage Halloween Illustrations & Craft Ideas

Hey!  Why not get a head start on all those creative decor ideas for Halloween?  Homegoods is already stocking their shelves with sparkly, classic, and somewhat downright bizarre Halloween decor.  So I’ve had Halloween on the brain ever since.  The public domain gods were very generous when it came to Halloween, as there are so many illustrations to choose from.  The following are some of my favorites so far and and handy for today’s last craft idea list.

Halloween Craft Ideas for 2015

Okay this site is all about bringing back public domain vintage art, and no one celebrated Halloween better than these imaginative, and often very bizarre, vintage postcards.  Remember these craft ideas when you’re creating your own DIY decor, party supplies, and homemade gifts.

  1. Coasters – laminated paper circle cut-outs of your favorite images or decoupage them onto pre-owned coasters that need a Halloween makeover!
  2. Plates & Drinkware – Did you know you can print our your own custom Halloween plates online?  Sites like Cafepress lets you make everything from mugs, t-shirts, teddy bears and so many more usable products with your favorite vintage Halloween illustrations above.  This is perfect for Halloween Birthdays and special Halloween parties.
  3. Create cocktail rings, pendants, broaches, mini frames pieces, and more treasures to sell at craft fairs and farmer’s markets
  4. Adjust your favorite images to black and white to create a unique Hallowing coloring book for all ages.
  5. Use scissors or an x-acto knife to create cut-outs for a Halloween themed diorama, collage, or miniature puppet theater.

Public Domain Vintage Illustrations of Gnomes and Fairies!

It’s time to step into the land of make believe. Mr. Rogers had one on his show.  So gosh darn it, I’m going to create one of my own! There’s a lot of whimsical, fantasy themed vintage art in the public domain.  For this post, I thought I’d focus on Gnomes, fairies, and other magical beings that inhabit fairy lands.  Look out for more whimsical themed posts on fairy houses, mushrooms, and other woodland themes.


Throw a Fairy & Gnome Themed Party with these 5 Party Decor Ideas!

Whimsical gnome and fairy themed parties are seriously fun to plan.  Plus there are tons of fantastic free vintage images available to create unique goodie/party favor bags, tree ornaments and garlands, jewelry, decoupaged toy chests for gifts, birthday party t-shirts, and more.

Keep these 5 super creative ideas on hand the next time you’re stumped for party planning inspiration.

  1. Turn your favorite images above into iron-transfers for party t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts.

  2. Print images out on adhesive paper to make quick and easy stickers for party favor bags, fairy-themed craft activities, invitations, and to/from stickers for presents.

  3. Use a simple online photo editor to turn your gnome images into black and white pages for a gnome-themed coloring books.  Makes a great alternative to party favor bags.

  4. Have a holiday birthday coming up?  Create cardstock holiday ornaments by simply cutting out and decorating your favorite gnome images above.

  5. Pick a compelling image above and print it out on plastic transfer sheets design for projectors.  Cover a portion of a wall with large white butcher paper.  Project your fairy or gnome image onto the covered portion of the wall to create a unique fairy tracing activity for your party!

This theme is just for kids either!  Yes, I totally support you channelling your inner elf, gnome, woodland fairy, and wizard.  These images serve has fantastic inspiration for cosplay ideas, Halloween costumes, masquerade balls, and theater productions too.

Free Birthday Clipart and Vintage Illustrations

I’m over buying expensive greetings cards.  Plus it’s much more fun to make your own anyway, even as a adult.  I wanted to find some fun, colorful and unique images for this post to inspire some real memorable birthday greetings.  These images are great for creating everything from traditional, sophisticated to super funky cards.  As always, I included some free craft ideas at the end of this post!


 Make Your Own DIY Birthday Decor with Vintage Greeting Cards

I wanted to choose a diverse collection of images to suit all kids of Birthday party tastes.  With vintage images, you can make a full set of party decor, ranging from placemats to even paper cups!

Consider these easy DIY decor ideas for that next shin-dig.

  • Quickly create your own set of vintage-style paper plates, napkins, and cups using online printing services like Totally Promotional, CafePress or VistaPrint.
  • However you can always take the super cheap (yet more crafty) route.  Just print out your chosen images on thin white paper, cut them out, and use thin non-toxic glue to decoupage your images right onto your paper cup.  This could also be a fun party activity too!
  • Create your own party placemats by printing out your images on doily style paper, or simply cut and paste your favorite images on colorful construction paper.
  • Another quick trick for making Birthday party placements is to create a colorful vintage collage and make several color copies.
  • There’s so much you can do with paper cut-outs.  Birthday party banners instantly come to mind.  Find a common theme you like in the images above and cut-out your favorite birthday illustrations or objects, like flowers, cake, birds, or animals.  Use a simple hole punch to create holes on top of your images, at least half an inch deep.  Then use colorful yarn to thread your banner together.