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public domain vintage childrens cookbook illustration 3

Free Public Domain Illustrations from a Vintage Children’s Cookbook (1905)

I had been on the hunt for a good vintage children’s cookbook to…


public domain vintage birthday card yellow rose

More FREE Vintage Victorian Birthday Illustrations for DIY Cards and Decor

September is a pretty big month for birthdays, so why not create whimsical…

public domain vintage childrens book illustration animal reading dog

Free Vintage Clipart of Wacky Children’s Book Illustration!

There are some pretty interesting turn-of-the-century children’s book illustrations out there.  With Halloween…

public domain vintage clipart of floral bouquet and leaves

FREE Vintage Illustrations of Floral Bouquets and Flower Clusters

Summer’s not over yet, and September is a big month for birthdays.  Rather…

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vintage clipart classic tabby cat with pink bow

FREE Charming Vintage Clipart of Animals for Your Projects

It’s been a lot of fun sifting though this latest batch of vintage…

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public domain aesop animals illustration from vintage childrens books

A Treasure Trove of Children’s Book Illustrations in The Public Domain

I went exploring at my favorite public domain sites  today to find some really good vintage…

public domain vintage owl image 4

Vintage Owl Illustrations in the Public Domain

People are crazy for owls (well, I am).  For a second there, I…


Todays Housewife 1919 10

FREE Public Domain Vintage Halloween Illustrations & Craft Ideas

Hey!  Why not get a head start on all those creative decor ideas…

william heath robinson public domain pic 15

Artists in the Public Domain: The Whimsical Illustrations of William Heath Robinson

I’m always on the look out for awesome public domain art to curate,…

public domain france in the year 2000 at school

It’s Back to School! FREE Vintage Public Domain Illustrations of School Related Subjects

I almost forgot it was back to school season!  A lot has been…

cropped free vintage illustration moon face

Public Domain Vintage Illustrations of Moons and Stars

Celestial themed crafts and decor appeals to a wide range of ages!  I…


public domain frog illustration 18

Vintage Public Domain Illustrations of Frogs and Toads

I was reminded the other day that Beatrix Potter’s artworks became part of…

fairies pic 17

Public Domain Vintage Illustrations of Gnomes and Fairies!

It’s time to step into the land of make believe. Mr. Rogers had…


Free Vintage Children’s Books and Illustrations

There’s some really charming late 19th – 20th century children’s book prints out…

birthday 5

Free Birthday Clipart and Vintage Illustrations

I’m over buying expensive greetings cards.  Plus it’s much more fun to make…