Antique Illustrations of Houseplants From 1807

A free antique botanical illustration of a round-headed buddlea plant Enjoy this free vintage botanical illustration of a calla lily Vintage botanical illustration of a magnolia houseplant from 1807
Personally, I love having lots of houseplants around.
My dream home would basically be an inside porch with an indoor garden.
Aside from aesthetics, houseplants apparently have the following benefits according to too:

  • NASA studies show that houseplants “scrub indoor air pollutants” and may even decrease the amount of carbon monoxide in the air.
  • Houseplants actually recycle carbon monoxide through photosynthesis which helps us breathe better indoors.
  • Plants increase humidity in your home, 97% of their own moisture to be exact, which is especially helpful during those dry summer and winter seasons.
  • Studies show that surrounding yourself with houseplants improves your memory and can increase your knowledge retention by 20%!

Well, that’s awesome.
But what do I love more than houseplants?
Vintage botanical illustrations of houseplants!
And lucky for me, I found lots of colorful houseplant illustrations from this colored plate book from 1807. I picked out my favorites, cleaned them up with Pixlr, and posted them below for you to use.

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  1. I am 84 years old, so I do not get out and about very much anymore, so I started to learn to draw, and flowers, birds and fish seem to be quite easy for me to draw, and these pictures are just what I like to copy using pencil, pen/ink and color pencils I go about amusing myself
    Thank You very much
    Robert J. Veach

    1. I’m so glad that you find these images so helpful! I’ll be on the lookout for more vintage fish and nature illustrations.

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