A Treasure Trove of Children’s Book Illustrations in The Public Domain

UPDATED With ! 1/16/2018

*** Hey guys! I just added 20 more children’s book illustrations to this page and the main Children’s Books Gallery. Whoo-hoo! These are curated and from children’s books from the late 19th century to early 20th century (1908 at the latest). Books include Mother Goose, a 19th century picture book, and Aesop’s Fables for kids, illustrated by Walter Crane. You can find the original sources at Archive.org.

If you enjoy these images, please consider sharing on social media and making a donation to Archive.org. They do AMAZING work. Thanks and enjoy!

*** Newest Additions Added 1/16/2018***

I went exploring at my favorite public domain sites  today to find some really good vintage children’s books and illustrations.

There are quite a few classic children’s stories and books being represented here, like Mother Goose, The Royal Children of British History, Heidi, Cinderella, Oliver Twist, and The Three Bears.  Share these antique images with your fellow history buffs, vintage crafters, and children’s book gurus.  Re-imagine them into brand new stories! And don’t forget to check out your local garage sales, thrift and stores, and even estate sales to score some really great vintage books as well!

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