A Collection Of Free Whimsical Vintage Illustrations

These mysterious and fanciful vintage images are great for sparkling up your blog or inspiring that next great stationary idea.  Flower fairies and woodland themed subjects reminds me a lot of those clocks, hanging wall art, and jewelry boxes by Moonlight & Roses; all of their fantastic décor and accessories feature beautiful public domain vintage illustrations.  Could these whimsical images inspire your next creative project?

vintage whimsical rose wreath ring 1whimsical flower bouquet 1vintage whimsical blue flowers note 1

Tips For Turning Whimsical Vintage Illustrations Into Creative Notes and Decor

These selected vintage illustrations make inspired templates for the aforementioned special occasions.  Their soft, pastel color palette make them an ideal choice for Baby Showers, Easter, and sophisticated yet sweet postcards for Grandma.

Quick & Creative Vintage Postcards Grandma Will Love

Using free vintage illustrations to make DIY postcards, invites, and party decor saves time most importantly.  With such beautiful images to choose from, you can sit back and let the illustrations themselves do a chunk of the work if you’re running low on time.  Need to send a last-minute DIY postcard to Grandma?  Just follow these 3 super quick steps.

  • Simply print out your favorite whimsical illustrations on high-quality postcard paper
  • Evenly apply modge podge glossy varnish mixed with fine iridescent glitter and allow to dry.
  • Once dried, use serrated craft scissors to make a lovely pattern along the sides of your postcard

And Voila! Your DIY postcard for Grandma is done in 10 minutes or less.

Paper Cut-Out Banners

The next time you find yourself in a last-minute party planning bind, remember that free vintage printables come quite in handy in the decorating department.  All you need is a good color printer with thick high quality paper, scissors, modge podge glossy varnish (optional), and other optional materials like glitter, confetti, sequins, mini bows, and satin ribbon.

Vintage heart and flower illustrations make fantastic paper-cut out banners for valentines day.  Try cutting out vintage yellow roses, tulips, fluffy chick illustrations, and green leaves to make fresh paper banners for springtime birthdays and Easter.  If you’re in that super intricate crafting mood, bust out that x-acto knife to make the most precise and detailed paper cut-out banners.

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