Vintage Color Illustrations From The Emerald City of Oz

Illustrator, John R. Neill, was behind all the artwork of Frank L Baum’searly 20th century publications of “The Wizard of Oz” series.  I love these colorful, whimsical antique book illustrations.  And there are so many to see in the public domain!  Vintage children’s book illustration holds a unique place in art history and many of the best are residing in the public domain right now, making them free to use in online courses, blog posts, Powerpoint presentations, decoupage craft projects, inspire digital art and animation, homemade bookmaking, t-shirt designs, video game concepts, and many more personal and commercial projects.

The following gallery are Neill’s color illustrations from the 1910 publication of “The Emerald City of Oz.”  This book was heavily inspired by Baum’s stay in Coronado and one of the best Wizard of Oz gift shops can be found at Coronado’s Hotel Del.  Being a San Diego native and Oz fan, I always thought that was kind of cool, and I visited that shop every time I visited in December to see the hotel’s gargantuan Christmas tree.

Share these images with friends and fam who love Wizard of Oz too and visit the sources page for more great artworks and books in the public domain.

This public domain Emerald City gallery is also a helpful resource for teachers, art instructors, online teachers, art history/pop culture history/etc courses, filmmakers, historians, students, artists, designers, product developers, stationery ideas, story flashcards, set design, and many more projects.

The entire book is available to read online for FREE!


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