Gifts from the Public Domain: Kate Greenaway’s “Apple Pie” – The Complete Book!

I’ve been on a vintage children’s book kick lately.  Some of the most imaginative illustrations and cool color palettes can be seen in the illustrations of yesterday.  “Apple Pie” by far is my favorite work from Kate Greenaway.  This colorful alphabet picture book (an adaptation of an old ABC poem for kids) comes with a great twist of humor and Greenaway’s own lesson on learning the ABC’s.  This free public domain work is a great resource for teachers, back to school decoupage projects, coloring book pages, flashcards, or lace it up the pages with colorful yarn to make a complete book once again.

These images are in the public domain and are free to use without permission.  Add this vintage children’s book classic today to your digital library.  These free vintage illustrations are also great for crafting, Etsy products, antique style decor and gifts, and more creative projects.  There are tons of free artistic and educational resources online for teachers, students, illustrators, daycare providers, photographers, and virtually everyone.  Stay tuned for more classic and rare vintage children’s books in the public domain!


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