FREE Charming Vintage Clipart of Animals for Your Projects

It’s been a lot of fun sifting though pages of colorful vintage images from these publisher pictorial archive books.  It inspires so many possibilities for craft projects, fine art, accessories, and even animation and online products.  I’m slowly but surely scanning and playfully editing them to create more totally free vintage inspired clipart for everyone to enjoy and use.  Cut them up for paintings, add to your blog posts or website, turn them into charming storytelling flashcards, create digital collages, or use in your commercial works!


 Playful Victorian Clipart

The Victorian-era animal clipart above is totally free to use in your personal and commercial projects.  I placed all my vintage inspired clipart in the public domain. These images were scanned and edited by this site,  Keeping watermarks is not required. If posting/sharing online or using in a commercial work, Credit to this site is appreciated.


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