A Treasure Trove of Children’s Book Illustration in The Public Domain

I went exploring at my favorite public domain sites  today to find some really good vintage children’s books and illustrations.  I also find it helpful to google artists who published work before 1923 and those who passed away in the 1930s and 40’s to find even more illustrations.  The unique work of classic illustrators like Joseph Clayton Clarke, Francis Brundage, Jessie Willcox Smith, and Elenore Abbott also make appearances in this latest post.

There are quite a few classic children’s stories and books being represented here, like Mother Goose, The Royal Children of British History, Heidi, Cinderella, Oliver Twist, and The Three Bears.  Share these cool antique images with your fellow history buffs, vintage crafters, and children’s book gurus.  And don’t forget to check out your local garage sales, thrift and stores, and even estate sales to score some really great vintage books as well!

These public domain illustrations are handy for a variety of creative projects too.  Greetings cards for teachers, wall art, mixed media paintings and collages, flashcards, playing cards, print-on-demand mugs are just a few of the many possibilities with antique illustrations in the public domain.


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