30 Public Domain Vintage Illustrations For The 4th of July

Spring went by in a SNAP!  But summer is in full swing, which means it’s time to start planning DIY decor summer gatherings like birthdays, Father’s Day, and of course, Fourth of July!  I was struck with inspiration, so I combed the public domain databases to find some truly creative and FREE fourth of JUly illustrations you can really work with.  Use this gallery to create all sorts of DIY decor items for the season, like 4th of July stickers, placemats, banners, invitations, wall art, name cards, and much more.

4th of July Gifts For Moms & Teachers

There were a lot of cool vintage images to choose from, but these really stood out to me in terms of colors, uniqueness, and versatility for crafting.  With the help of creative online printing services like Zazzle and Cafe Press, you can print single units of vintage inspired mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts, wall art, pencil holders, binders, and many more accessories.
So to help inspire that next vintage-themed gift for the 4th, I whipped up 10 creative gift ideas using the gallery above.
  1. Pencil Cup/mug & Supply Gift Bundle:  This is perfect for teachers on the last day of school!  Choose your favorite images and select your product printing service of choice, like Cafe Press, Zazzle or Vista Print.  I suggest printing on a plain classic coffee mug.  You can even edit and arrange images to make a cool composition or collage.  Once you’ve received your printed mug, stock it up with teacher favorites like colorful pencils, cute erasers, trail mix & other snacks, funky paper clips and many more useful trinkets.
  2. Another great way to use those print-on-demand services is for making classic picture frames that moms LOVE.  And a crafty red, white, & blue vintage inspired frame with an old picture of you two would definitely make the holiday.

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